Bojagi (Korean wrapping paper)

Beauty of Joseon proposes a unique lifestyle that embodies the beauty and colors of Korea.

Bojagi originates from the word 'bok' (luck in Korean), and used to mean ‘the wrapping of luck.’
In particular, the Bojagi used for weddings in the Joseon Dynasty was engraved with a pattern symbolizing the wish for happiness and joy, and it became a medium for warm communication between people, not just an object for wrapping a gift


In the past, Bojagi has always been with us at special moments in Korean life.
When preparing for a wedding, Bojagi was used to wrap gifts.
When a mother sent her child the food she carefully prepared, it was used as a bag.
When a special guest was leaving, a gift was wrapped with Bojagi.
It was used in every moment of affection and love.


Bojagi contains the feeling of treating people with sincerity and a respect for objects.

Bojagi is practical because it doesn't take up space and is easy to store, and it can wrap anything of any shape.

Bojagi is environmentally friendly because, unlike disposable products, it can be used multiple times.

Calm blue

(65 x 65 cm / 25 x 25 inches)


(65 x 65 cm / 25 x 25 inches))

Maehwa pink

(65 x 65 cm / 25 x 25 inches)

Bojagi is made of a variety of materials, including silk, linen, and cotton.

Beauty of Joseon used the most Korean-style fabric available, nobang.

Nobang (Silk organza) is a silk fabric made from silk thread extracted from cocoons and is also used for Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes).

The pastel-colored slightly transparent Nobang creates a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

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